NGC 6823

NGC 6820 is an emissions nebula with a diameter of 50 light years in the constellation Vulpecula, surrounding the open cluster NGC 6823. It lies approx 6000 light years from Earth.
One of the most striking features are the pillars of dust and gas protruding from the east side of the nebula, these are active star forming regions. The open cluster NGC 6823 is about two million years old and predominantly represented by many young blue stars, although a great patch of young protostars are also present in the area.

Technical info:
TS 80mm f6 APO triplet refractor
Canon 40D dslr + IDAS LPS2 (light pollution) filter - exposure 68x 4min (4h 30min)
Canon 40D dslr MONO (de-bayered) + 12Nm Ha filter - exposure 82x 10min (13h 40min)
Total integration = ~18 hours