Gamma Cygni is the star located at the intersection of the Northern Cross. Its traditional name, Sadr, comes from the Arabic word for "the chest," ┼čadr.
It is a supergiant and it is approximately 1,800 light years distant from Earth. It is one of the brightest stars that can be seen in the night sky. It is 12 times the Sun's mass and about 150 times the Sun's radius. It is emitting over 33,000 times as much energy as the Sun. Gamma Cygni is believed to be only about 12 million years old. It consumes its nuclear fuel more rapidly because of its mass. It is surrounded by a diffuse emission nebula, IC 1318, also known as the Sadr region or the Gamma Cygni region.

To the upper right is the open cluster M29. It is often known as the "cooling tower". The star cluster is situated in the highly crowded area of the Milky Way near Gamma Cygni, at a distance of 7,200 light years from Earth.

Technical info:
TS 80mm f6 APO triplet refractor - Canon 40D + IDAS LPS2 (light pollution) filter - exposure 28x 300sec (2uur 20min)