IC 410 The Tadpoles Nebula

IC410 is a dusty emission nebula located in the constellation of Auriga at about 12.000 ly from Earth. The gas structures in this picture are lit by the radiation from the open star cluster NGC1893 that lies in the center of the nebula. This star cluster is about 4 million years old, but in astronomical terms it is still very young, with hot, massive stars. At the top-right of the star cluster two more dense structures are visible. As can be seen in the picture, these structures point away from the center of the nebula. Due to these structure’s shape, the nebula is also called the Tadpoles Nebula.

Technical info:
TS 80mm f6 APO triplet refractor
Canon 40D mono (de-bayered) dslr + 12nm Ha (hydrogen alpha) filter
Canon 40D astro modded dslr + LPS-P2 Light pollution filter

Exposure: Ha – 51x 10min – (~8hours 30min)
Exposure RGB – 61x 5min – (~5hours).

Total exposure ~ 13 hours 30min

Pre-processing: Nebulosity 4 – DSS
Post-processing: Photoshop CS5 – Carboni’s Actions plug-in for PS